Saturday, July 01, 2006

Flowers at dusk

New rose that the Japanese beetles started to nibble.
Hydrangea-this hardly bloomed last year and I love the blue!'Easter' lilies
This was knocked to the ground from all the rain. I tucked it inbetween the hedge that it is under. I guess it appreciated that! : )

This blooming was a pleasant surprise! And it smells heavenly.

We went to Wally World for more English box hedge. I am buying about 4-5 at a time. We planted the 8 I have previously purchased. They look good around the circle! I also bought millet-reduced to under $2.00 (I got 2) and some jasmine. I love that too. I don't have much luck with jasmine and similar non-hardy plants, but for $6, I can enjoy it for a few months.

Sean worked from 2 and finishes at 10. He is going to the movies afterwards. Too late for me. Brian and I went up to the next town for a burger and a panini (Bri got pork and turkey). We ran into parents of an former classmate of Sean's and they were very nice. Their daughter, who I remember as a 4-5 yr old is now about 14 with a boyfriend!


  • At 10:55 AM, Blogger PEA said…

    Oooooh your flowers are gorgeous!! I have an Easter Lily that was almost dead last year and I had planted it at the back of the house, not expecting it to survive. The other day I noticed this plant growing and realized it was the lily...and it's got buds on it so it's almost ready to bloom!! Shocked the heck out of me! lol I'll take a picture of it once it's bloomed.

  • At 4:16 PM, Blogger Barbara said…

    Those colors really pop out at that time of day. Great pictures!!


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