Saturday, July 01, 2006

Dear Curtis,

I can see why my blogger pal Zoey 'admired' you a few weeks ago when she first saw you on your new TLC show 'Take home chef'. If you walked up to me in a grocery store and wanted to cook for me and my fellas, I would probably faint dead away. But you seem to chose woman in the age range of 25-30. What about the glorious women who are a little older in the same age group as Terri Hatcher and Nicollette Sheridan? Some of us have been cooking for a few decades and need new ideas. And why are you picking rich babes like the lady last night whose husband is a race horse trainer? I'm wondering if she has a maid.
Anywho, you are a dashing Aussy and you remind me of my son's best friend, tall and good-looking. I like that you are a leftie too. So come on out to mushroomland and you'll have your pick of grocery stores and hopefully you'll find me!

Big hugs,
PS-why is that lady going to spray you?


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