Friday, June 30, 2006

English hedge garden plan

My plan is to get about 10 or so of the little box hedges and make a circle around the iris and gladiolus garden-for this year. I'd so love to knock down the useless grape arbor you see in the background that is covered now mostly with wild, sticky roses. Phase two would to make a 'figure 8' with the crop circle garden. It must be my English heritage coming to the surface as I love the neat look of the hedges surrounding the florals. Something like this:
Update Saturday: Bri and I planted 8 box hedges and need to get about 10 more. They are wee things, but it looks really cute and defined.
I did get to my mom's today. That woman has too many clothes. She seems to accumulate them like crazy even though my brother and I have both gone through oodles of them in the last few years. I am sad to say I don't think she can handle living there amd keeping it up in the condition that I saw it in today. I am praying that my brother Don will come up from Florida and help us get it in shape while living there 'rent free'. Maybe he could save up money for his own home as he's always lived in rented places and he's in his middle 40s now. My other brother Ken came to cut the lawn while I was there and I told him we need to get her out of the house as she can't take care of it anymore. He said no kidding. So it may be another phase in my mom's life. We'll all have to figure out what to do and what will be in her best interest. The straw that broke the camel's back was her getting shingles last year when she was handling her sciatica so much better.


  • At 12:13 PM, Blogger PEA said…

    Would your mom be willing to leave her house or would there be a fight on your hands to get her to move? It's worrisome when you know she can't look after herself and her home anymore. Hopefully your brothers will help you and the right decision can be made!

  • At 4:01 PM, Blogger Von said…

    I like your ideas for your garden, Dianne. I'd like to do something similar, but with my small yard I think the box hedge would just chop it up too much. I think I'll try for more of an English cottage look, a little looser and more informal. :D
    Good luck in considering changes your Mom needs in her life. It can be such a sticky, difficult time for everyone.


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