Thursday, June 29, 2006

eBay no-no

Did you feel the earth move? Yesterday I listed 10 things on eBay and today there was one taken away. Seems a Corning ware perculator I found on a white elephant table was recalled back in 1979 by the US Consumer Products Safety Commission. Opps!!! I do research on some items before I list them and I did see others selling the same exact coffee pot a few weeks ago. Guess theirs got dumped too. I did write a note to eBay saying that I had no intention of selling something that would harm my customers. If I had known, I would have not even picked it up. I told Sean it's going in the garden with some herbs planted in it's little basket at the top.
I got this as a reply to my second note. I told them I was using the coffeepot as a planter! I will, darn it, I will!
You are correct in that you may list the lid and internals of the pot at
your convenience. I also hope you enjoy the plant you put into the pot
as well, but if it's a big plant, remember that it might not be safe to
pick up the pot by the handle!
It is my pleasure to assist you, Dianne. Thank you for choosing eBay!


  • At 10:30 AM, Blogger PEA said…

    I've never listed on e-bay but oh boy, have I ever bought from there! lol Good thing you found out about that pot, though!


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