Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Running here and there

I had to get up yesterday and make a number of phone calls-not my favorite way to start the day. The countertop guy called at 8:15 am and Brian forgot to hang up the phone the night before, so he was the first one I called. They are coming today to glue a piece of wood to the underside of the countertop where the dishwasher mounts will be attached. I then had to call for Brian's car to get repaired and inspected. A spring in the back went and he has a recall for the ones in the front. He got new tires Sunday and the guy put on the incorrect size and the broken spring gave him a blow out about half a mile down the road! Needless to say, he turned around and got all new tires in the correct size.
I said I'd make up two flower containers for Bri's dad's upcoming birthday on the 23rd. I haven't seen the man since Dec. 28th and he hasn't been here either. I'm not holding a grudge, I just feel uncomfortable going to his house because I don't want to say anything that will set him off like I did in December. My mom said not to go there again. Him getting as angry as did was so uncalled for and what he said was mean too. Sean is still hurt by this episode. He says he'll never forget it. I really don't mind if Sean says this because that taught him that is not how you treat someone who is kind to you, brings you food, helps you paint your porch and programs your cellphone that you still don't use properly (he tries to use it on the casino bus or inside the casino-can we say interference?)
Sean and I went to one of our favorite greenhouses and I carefully picked out a nice array of white, oranges, yellow and green(asparagus fern). We ran to the home center and I got two plastic pots for the flowers that I planted when I got home. They are really lovely! I'll take some photos tomorrow.
I just cut most of the leaves off my poor hollyhock. It's blooming the prettiest salmon/pink too. Bummer.
Sean got a phone call for an interview at Big Lots, the local discount store. He's going today at 1:30 for an interview. Now he has two options. He doesn't have to dress up here and there are guys his age to talk to-not at Peebles. We are worried about his lifting heavy boxes too. It's up to him.
After dinner we had to follow Brian (Sean drove his own car) to the dealership to drop off his car. We decided to go to Borders. I bought 3 magazines-two cooking ones-one from Italian and one that deals just with veggies. I got a polymer clay magazine too as I like to fiddle with clay and really haven't gotten into this. I think it would be cool to do people and pets in clay.
We were naughty and went to Baskin Robbins (we had a low cal pork roast and wild rice dinner).
I decided to watch a documentary on Bravo called 'Three of Hearts' about a tri-relationship between two bisexual guys and a woman. The one guy married her, but they were all in a relationship for 13 years and each fathered a child. I found this interesting, but very risky. If you decide to watch this 8 yr documentary, you'll see what happens. The guy the woman actually was married to reminded me in a way of Richard Simmons!


  • At 3:25 AM, Blogger Barbara said…

    Richard Simmons in a 3-way love triangle? That's enough to give me nightmares!! LOL!


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