Monday, June 19, 2006

Important papers

I'm a fairly organized person with most things around the house. When I was single and only had my bedroom to contend with, believe me, I knew if I went to my crate of record albums, I could go to 'T' and there were all the James Taylor albums I owned. By release year. I had a good system of cleaning. I'd get a clothes basket and everything that wasn't suppose to be in say, the living room would go in the basket and get sorted in the various family members rooms later after I dusted and vacuumed the room.
So now I live with one fairly organized person and one very untidy one. Can you guess who is who? Sean is the tidy one, but only with his own possessions. I guess I taught him well. Brian was raised by a clean freak. She cleaned the house top and bottom every Tuesday. Now why would you clean a room that didn't need it?
What all this is leading up to is that we couldn't locate Sean's birth certificate and SS card. I did find something from the selective services with both his birthdate and social security number printed on it. I guess this was all right. Sean's been at Big Lots since 2. I am kinda hoping he likes making money and works more than 20 hours a week. Mom and I think this will do him good because he can be a little on the shy side like his parents (though I am a lot better than I use to be).
Rummaging through papers is a good way to get rid of clutter in that respect. I tossed a bunch of old bill receipts today. Good thing I held onto that one piece of paper.
It's warm again today. I did some indoor things like putting liners in some of my cabinets in the kitchen. I have a pot of spaghetti sauce on for dinner-Sean's favorite. I imagine he'll be home at 5:30 for half an hour of dinner and go back to the store until closing.


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