Saturday, June 17, 2006

Brian's contribution

This isn't too attractive and we sure hope it sticks to the wall so we can add the decorative tinwork over the top of it. Actually, there is another wall I want to apply this to across from the sink . Man, did the adhesive stink! It bothered all our throats, especially Brian. So you may be asking why we used adhesive? We have plaster walls throughout most of the house and we can't really nail things into it, except small ones for
pictures. We'd have to use the nails with the supports that open in the wall and they wouldn't really work for this project. We did get wood screws for a few of the spots that just don't want to lay flat. This luana covers the last of the really ugly 46 yr old adhesive used on the walls by the previous owners.
I used an acid stuff to clean the glass tiles (had on rubber gloves and safety glasses). It smelled a little like old eggs. The tiles look cleaner, but it didn't get all the grout out of the indentations in some of the glass. I'm wondering if the sealer will do the trick. If not, I can live with it. The walls look 100% better than they did a month ago.

By the way...
I used my Panini grill tonight! I had sourdough bread that I sliced up (I think I need to slice it thinner). I made turkey clubs and ham and cheese for Brian because he had turkey for lunch). They were yummy. I will toast them a bit more next time.


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