Monday, May 08, 2006

Raining clothes

No rain for 12 days now-that's not good. I worked inside anyway.
I really hate changing my clothes out for the different seasons because of the attic hassle. I have too many of everything as I take care of my things and they don't wear out. Sean's running into the same problem-he isn't growing anymore and keeps buying new things.
I got Space Bags a few years ago-they are ok, they need to make the closure sturdier as it sometimes won't stay closed or tears and all the air re-enters them. Brian didn't like lifting the heavy plastic boxes up into the attic. It looks like besides the 5 Spaces Bags, I will need to use a few boxes. One box is mostly Bri's things, so I don't feel too bad. And I did get rid of about a dozen things-that is a rule.
Is anyone else hating the Capri/bicycle pants that seem to be all the fashion this year? I do own some, but I much prefer the above the knee shorts for the summer and am having trouble finding them. I think the Capris only look good on thin or tall people, which I am not.
I loaded up the dumpster with two more cart loads of flowerpots from 'tick country', next to the shed where we always seem to get a tick on us if one of us ventures over there. It looks neater there.
I threw in an OnCor dinner and it was so bad, Bri went and got us hamburgers. It was their enchilada-beware-it's just lasagna noodles and hamburger sauce with too much chili powder in it.
We have a leak down the basement in the 'grease trap'. It's like a metal bucket with a lid. It not a big leak, but enough to have Bri tell me to call a plumber in here to look at it. I do wish we could replace that, the water heater and the water pump. Bri has the 'if it's not broke, don't fix it' philosophy. I believe new is better. Our electric bill was only around $100 which is not bad. I bet it's the new appliances. : )
I forgot to mention that I went to AC Moore yesterday and got the 5-$1.00 DMC (bought 15 skeins) and a Mouse in the House kit called Hot Fudge. I just wanted a cute kit to do if we go down the shore in a few months or a change of pace piece.
It's been a year already since we were in Orlando. Saturday Night Live, the tv show had a Universal Studios skit on the exact day we got to that area last year. Talk about a funny coincidence!


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