Thursday, May 04, 2006


And you know what I am talking about without even adding 'Mountain' to the above title. Sean brought home 3 DVDs and that was one of them. Not that I really wanted to see it because I figured they would show certain kinds of scenes. The outdoor scenery itself was majestic. Heath Ledger's drawl drove me crazy through the entire movie as I couldn't understand him. And I saw Ann Hathaway and Michelle Williams in scenes that left nothing to the imagination. Annie girl was no princess!
I've never seen guys act 'like that', meaning madly in love. I guess it showed how difficult it was in the early 60s and beyond for men to have these feelings. They had wives and children, but they still needed to see each other over the years.
Sean has his last final tomorrow and he is miserable with a cold, his first in a few years. He just took some Nyquil so he can sleep. He has a good appetite, which is good, but he is blowing his nose like crazy. We went out to the jiffy oil change place and then to Wally World this afternoon. I checked out their plants and got some 25¢ Johnny jump-ups, some eggplants, basil, a purple pepper and a pretty hanging basket of petunias. Most of what they had wasn't that unusual. I need my Avondale Gardens fix for the year.
I'll probably go to my mom's and meet Sean there. The floor people are suppose to come tomorrow and add moulding to behind the frig and stove-it looks unfinished. The Home Depot guy installed a corner door today too. I got some knobs by Fed Ex, but the wrong color! Man, what's wrong with those people? It will surely get finished too long.


  • At 10:19 AM, Blogger Barbara said…

    Seems like everyone has some sort of spring illness this year! I hope Sean will soon be back in good health.


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