Friday, May 26, 2006

Flat tops

Dear Recipe writers,
When you develop a recipe called 'Chocolate Chip Muffins' that only has about 6 ingredients in it, why not make sure you get all the directions right, pretty please? In fact, you should have said how much milk to add and how much batter to fill each muffin cup with. Why not use butter instead of veggie oil? This seasoned baker tried your blasted recipe twice to try out her new mixer and oven. She is quite disappointed in the results. And when you say- 'These muffins are requested for breakfast every day at our inn', you get said baker all interested in trying these flops. One thing-they taste better than they look. Said baker didn't open the oven door once and even blamed big footed son for walking around the kitchen like an elephant. Live and learn and find another recipe!


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