Monday, May 15, 2006

Hope you had a nice Mom's Day

We had a nice Mexican dinner last night at a place that seems to have replaced Chi-chi's called Don Pablos. The guys had shrimp fajitas and I had fried lobster ones. Before we went to din din, we took back moulding and under the counter lights that we didn't use in the kitchen and got a $146 credit to our account at the Home Depot. : ) We did manage to blow another $100 on stuff we needed for the tile and tin work, plus we bought more plants, grass seed, a doorbell (I am sick of people pounding on my screen door) and a new mailbox. Gotta get the place all spiffy. I completely forgot the stain for the wood on the new windows, but I can get that nearer to home. We were also looking at toilets as the one we have is approaching 50 and it looks it. That's another project for the future.
Sean finally used some of his graduation money (from last year!) and bought a Ipod nano. He was tinkering with that most of the evening. I worked on 'Cape May', my piece on the pretty Ocean fantasy Silkweaver fabric.
Looking for a ton of rain tomorrow.


  • At 1:45 PM, Blogger Von said…

    Glad you had a nice Mother's Day, Dianne. The things that make for a great celebration at this stage of my life are sure lots different from my younger years, lol! A quiet day, someone else doing the kitchen clean up - all of it - new windows, a new toilet, a trip to Home Depot, and a simple dinner in a restaurant - any one of those things makes me so grateful. :D My best birthday ever was three years ago when my dh and son removed an ugly storage shed from the back yard, lol!


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