Sunday, May 14, 2006

He's a millionaire

All the 'season finales' are rounding up this week-mostly the reality shows. I know, you can love them or hate them. I've watched Survivor from the 'get go' and what's cool-so does my brother Don in Florida. So Aras Baskauskas,25,a former basketball player and now yoga instructor won Survivor. I like Aras! He always came in 2nd losing out to Terry, a 46 yr old Navy fighter pilot. That always bugged me. Danielle, who came in second, only won the 'lily pad' challenge because she was lighter than the guys and we all know the guys on Survivor can never keep their balance well.
So here is a photo of Aras, the grandson of McDonald Carey (late soap opera doctor on Days of Our Lives).


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