Monday, April 17, 2006

Local stuff

Before I forget to tell you, I haven't even seen a cabinet door yet with the 'fawn glaze' finish. I did open the knobs-and they are pretty with their raised leaf design. I thought I was getting some pulls also, but I guess not. The knobs will be fine.
On Friday, Martha Stewart was given a gorgeous Easter basket by her assistant (I think) and there were a trio of brown bunnies (maybe Steiff) surrounded by eggs to 'die' for. She was chatting with the guy and she said, 'where did we find the bunnies, in Chadds Ford?' And her assistant answered 'yes, the Chadds Ford Florist'. So I think I know which one they are referring too-in Old Ridge Village Shoppes about 20 minutes from here. Our gal MS was browsing the little stores there! It use to have the Strawberry Sampler cross stitch shop too, but they downsized and moved up the road. I haven't been to the new location yet.
Sad event-it seems that on every holiday, especially around Easter, someone goes down in a small plane around here. A man and his grown son went out for a pleasure trip and the dad died when the plane crashed. Miraculously, the son walked away from the crash. We have the New Garden airport about 5 minutes or so up the road. So sad.
I am almost finished with the kitchen now. There is nothing in any of the cabinets or drawers. I have 3 boxes to take down the basement. All that is left in there is my hanging clock/radio (which I still want), and the key hook...and the frig. There is no room for the frig in the living room now. This is worrying me. The guys are going to have to work quickly as my appliances are coming on Friday. I am sure all the cabinets will be out of there in a few hours (crossing fingers). I believe they start with the upper cabinets in a remodel? If they can do a few of them and get that pantry closet in, I can rest easy that night. If only the house was a little larger. ; )


  • At 7:23 PM, Blogger Von said…

    It's so exciting to watch the installers put in those cabinets! I hope you don't find any unhappy surprises when you open the boxes; I've read lots of posts on building forums where the company sent the wrong cabs. Love seeing the pics of the boxes crowding you out. Can't wait to see more progress, Dianne!

  • At 5:34 AM, Blogger Barbara said…

    I hope that your kitchen remodeling goes very smoothly and quickly. It's going to be so wonderful to have a new kitchen!!

  • At 5:01 PM, Blogger Rachael said…

    It sounds so exciting - all those boxes to open and lovely things to appear out of them . I am sure it will all work out with the fridge etc.. it just has to, doesn't it?


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