Sunday, March 26, 2006

Receiving lots of media attention

Paul waving hello to his mom and dad
Click here to play the above video that I mentioned

I told you a few days ago about the Extreme Makeover Home Edition team redoing a house in northeast Philly. Thank goodness the news is covering it as I probably won't get to go. They mentioned where road it was on and we googled it. It's about 56 miles away-one way. I,of course would bring Paul DiMeo's old high school yearbook. I happened to buy the one from his class and my class because I knew a lot of people from his class.
On a live portion of the news this morning, a reporter mentioned to Paul (in his sheepherder's cap!) that he was a local guy and he mentioned Media and Penncrest and waved to his mom and dad. I guess they still live in my hometown.
I thought I may get my 15 minutes of fame by showing up with the yearbook (which is marked on every page that Paul is on-that's about 8 or so-he was in a lot of activities). People signed my book too. Some were nice comments, others dug at the fact that I missed tons of school that year. I was depressed and wouldn't eat and lost about 16 pounds in one month. I got over it okay. I could still go tomorrow or Tuesday at the reveal of the new house (which is towering over the 1960s Colonials in the neighborhood). Who knows-maybe.

Paul-Penncrest Class of 1976 Vice President


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