Monday, March 20, 2006

Message boards for everything

Brian and I google everything. With me it's usually cross stitch, recipes, gardening, celebrities, etc. Brian looks up Ford Mustangs, stocks, Beatles, digital cameras (still waiting for him to pick one out) and American Flyer trains. With me being at the age called perimenopause, weird things start to happen, so I typed in 'the problem'. I happened upon a message board and you know what, what I had was nothing compared to what these poor women were experiencing. This one lady stopped posting last May and I hope she is okay. I feel like I am definitely having problems due to hormones and fibroids. I just ordered two books from Amazon about fibroids. The one book (only 75¢) is by a lady who had a great website called 'Sex, lies and fibroids'. I can't get on the site anymore. I could so relate to her! It's so much fun being in my late 40s.
I also ordered two more cross stitch books- The Cross Stitcher's Bible and also the CSB Project Book by Jane Greenoff. I've been eyeing these two up, so the prices were good, so I ordered them.
Stitchingwise-THE SB question was about 'one over one'-I've done it a few times and it's hard. I have a few designs that I want to do where you do the lady's face 'one over one'.
I was going through my sewing cabinet and ran across a sweet baby design I had half completed about 7 yrs ago. I decided it needed to be finished and I would give it to someone who is expecting. The question was 'who'? So I remembered a woman in my stitching group just announced her 3rd baby is going to be a girl. She has 10 yr old twin boys! So to me, she is the perfect recipient for the baby gift which will be made into a photo album cover. It's almost finished and I can see why I put it down-it has some tricky spots in it. I'll share a photo soon.


  • At 2:12 PM, Blogger Von said…

    Google is a wonderful tool!! I use it all the time. Yesterday I googled skin rashes and dermatitis and finally found pics of perioral dermatitis and it's just what Kevin has. Not much to do about it unfortunately, that we haven't already. Then I did a search for garden wall fountains. Way too much fun!
    Hope you get thru peri/menopause easily. I did pretty well and have been on the other side two years now. I've mainly been grouchy and angry, but even that's gotten better.

  • At 3:23 PM, Blogger Susimac said…

    Google can be really helpful. Hope that you get through the menopause OK, I'm still travelling through it, but feel I'm improving, I just wish I could sleep better.


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