Friday, March 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Mister Grumpy

Ok, he's only grumpy some of the time, but this is a grumpy looking face, don't you think?
It was taken at the H&R Block when they kept us waiting and I was playing with my phone (camera) like the kids next to Brian were).
I've spent 23 birthdays with Bri now. On the first one, I gave him a Walkman as he was a runner back then. Now he usually gets a silk-screened tee shirt, beef jerky, underwear and other exciting little things. Mom gave him an awesome drawing (print) of John Lennon. Gee, wonder where he will hang that?
I wish my guy many, many more birthdays. He's getting a special deal next year for the 'Big One'.
Lots of hugs and love to my Bri.


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