Thursday, March 30, 2006

American Inventor

We've been watching this show every week. It's produced by none other than American Idol's Simon Cowell. I think inventing is cool. How many times do you personally think, 'if only they would have something for that' or 'I should invent that!' Well basically, that's the concept of the show. There have been some really doozies like tonight the man who showed them a peanut butter and jelly dispenser made from the sawed off foot of a doll that he had poked holes in. The retired gentlemen had named his invention 'Toe Jam'-ugh. So we all know that you store these two sandwich ingredients in separate areas of the kitchen-pb in a cabinet and jelly in the frig. It was just a gross concept.
There are definitely two judges who are 'softer'-Mary Lou and Ed. Peter and Doug are harder to please. Doug is an inventor and know-it-all (they sang a little song about that tonight). Each inventor must get 3 out of 4 judges to say 'yes' and move them on to the next round.
What I wonder about if the big companies have their people watching to steal any of the ideas? It's possible. Hey they are looking for ideas to make a ton of money too!

Mary Lou Quinlan-the only female judge, hails from Philly!

The judges said 'yes' to the edible snowglobes!


  • At 10:28 AM, Blogger Tru Efforte said…

    Hi Dianne:

    If you like the show, you may want to check out

    It's a really fun site covering everythin on the show, including more in depth info on many of the inventions on the show, which are featured in their Inventor's Gallery.

  • At 5:35 PM, Blogger Zoey said…

    Toe-jam? Yuck!
    I don't think he will get rich off that invention.


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