Monday, January 03, 2005

3rd day in January....

...yep and things are getting back in order. Sean heads back to school in a few hours actual. We think he should have had the day off since New Years fell on a Saturday. Oh well. Brian goes back Tuesday. The house looks like it's been cleaned randomly. The tree and everything is still up, why rush to take it down? I remember my Italian friend waited until January 5th, 'Little Christmas'. I'm thinking the 9th or so. : )
Sean and I played a new game 'Scene It' where you get a DVD with film clips, etc. It was hard! He has looked at all his stuff so far. He's good at appreciating most of his gifts.
Please give what you can to the relief effort. I have provided a link through Amazon's fundraising efforts (thanks to Abby for the link)-------------->
Watched most of 'Gangs of New York' on the 'True' network (whatever the heck that is). It was a bit gory in parts, but great acting by Daniel Day Lewis. I can say I am glad I have hot water and soap available most of the time (we have power outages sometimes). Enough said.


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