Monday, January 03, 2005

A weighty issue

I thought that Brian was a certain weight and then it turns out he was about 20 pounds over what I thought! And he's wondering why he has arthritis in his knees! I have some issues, but during the holidays, I eat more and thus have gained about 5 pounds. I'm not proud of it, but I will now go back to my boring eating habits and nibble foods. I am overweight, but have stuck around the same weight for years. Brian got an ab-lounger for Christmas and it's all set up, but he hasn't used it yet. Most of his weight is in the middle. I am flabby there myself. I want to try it too, but I want him to test drive it first since it was his gift. I have gotten him to only eat one serving of dinner for two days. This has been a major hassle. He is also just 'eating foods that grow' as snacks. I hear him out there munching and crunching on carrots and celery. Will it last? I said he really eats too much bread. He'll be in the kitchen and eats a piece or two of bread as a snack. I do mostly buy wheat bread, but I can't believe the amount of bread that disappeared in less than a week. He has his drink orders too. He loves to go in the convenient stores and buy o.j. and diet sodas. I said to try water or green tea. He should be bringing along his own lunch and drinks. After he started this ad job, I noticed he blossomed more from eating out of the car everyday. I have to live by my own rules too. I just ate granola bars and one homemade chocolate chip cookie. I was having a major PMS attack. Better luck tomorrow when I will be home by myself.


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