Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Searching for potato soup...

Doesn't that sound interesting? We are on a tight budget right now and I am cooking more. So I decided to look for a decent potato soup recipe among my huge cookbook collection. Martha didn't have any, not the soup book I got from Jessica's Biscuit, not in Bobby Flay, not my friend Barb's Headless chicken cookbook (don't they eat potatoes out west?) not even in 1,000 recipes! I couldn't find my beloved Fanny Farmer. Then I found some in the Farm Journal cookbook with the very aged yellow pages. I picked a recipe (there for even about 4) that didn't call for chicken broth. Now that I think about it, chicken broth really gives soup some body and taste. I had to mix butter with 3/4 cups of flour. That made the soup taste very pasty. I when started to throw in some garlic, parsley, dill and finally cheddar cheese which helped. I could have figured that recipe out myself! We also had tuna salad. We have soup and sandwiches once in a while which isn't that easy for me as I make everything from scratch.
Sean and I started to watch 'The Terminal' with Tom Hanks. Is there any movie he does that he isn't good in? I guess his greatest failure was 'Bosom Buddies' though it really wasn't a failure but a lame tv show. This is definitely one of those movies that you could watch a few times. I asked Sean if he thought I looked like Catherine Zeta Jones (mom told me I was on her line) and he said 'not really'.
There was a new episode of 'Lost' on. I like that show. It's definitely like a good book. I especially like when they do the 'flashbacks'. Is there anyone on that show who's ugly?
My mom called and said my Uncle Don is good for the time being. He had to have his bladder cauterized and the doctor said it didn't look that bad. UD had been having some bleeding. He was told to drink lots of water. It was being suggested a few weeks ago that he may have to have his bladder removed. I swear UD is like a cat with nine lives.
I started to list on eBay again--------------------------------------->Moonlitstitcher
I already have one bid. I really love selling things and wish I could even invent a million dollar selling product. We've got to get the old wheels spinning in our brains.


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