Monday, August 28, 2006

Thinking about Karen

Every day I update what I want to do and what I am thinking about on my profile. One part of that is 'In Song'-so I thought of Karen Carpenter's It's going to take some time this time. didn't have a video of that song, but they had several others that I watched. I have a hard time looking at these because I loved the Carpenters as a young teen and I did get to see them perform at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia in 1974 which was a highlight in my life at the time. I credit Karen for helping me 'tune up' my voice. My own mom is a gifted soprano, but she never taught me to sing like Karen did.
I was telling Sean maybe she should have never gotten into show business. She may have been happier living a more 'normal' life. But her voice was so beautifully haunting in it's perfection that I am glad she did. She didn't live to see 33. If her death at a young age meant anything, it meant that she brought on an awareness of eating disorders.
Looking on the internet 23 yrs after her passing, she is still so popular. I don't think anyone comes close to her voice. They can try, but there was only one Karen.

Too, too thin. Seems like the only thing she had control of in her life was her weight.


  • At 8:34 PM, Blogger PEA said…

    She certainly had a wonderful voice and I too remember listening to the Carpenters way back when...I especially loved "We've Only Just Begun"!! It's tragic that her death was caused by an eating disorder...and that to this day, it's still a problem in today's society!


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