Sunday, August 27, 2006

Emmy Awards

Sean and I watched these together. I watched for the funny guys-Conan O'Brien, Craig Ferguson, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. I was pulling for The Office the Steve Carell show-if you've never seen this, catch a few episodes. It's suppose to be in Scranton, PA. They won!
Julia Louis Dreyfuss won for her show-The New Adventures of Old Christine - I've never watched it. But she was dumbfounded and almost forget to thank her husband Brad Hall. When the camera went on Brad, he was shrugging his shoulders-both funny people!
Congrats to new mama Mariska Hargitay who said naming her son August was good luck to her this August!
Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart cracked me up introducing the reality shows-they were basically putting them down. At least The Amazing Race won again.
Seeing Dick Clark-post stroke grabbed at your heart. He's definitely been effected, but the old Dick is under there trying to come out. We always tell Sean that we lived in the same apartment complex that Dick and Ed McMahon also lived in when they worked out of Philly (Drexelbrook Apts).
I was happy for Sean when his favorite show at the moment 24 won several awards, including Best Actor in a Drama-Keifer Sutherland. Sean is collecting all the seasons of 24 on DVD.
When they showed the In Memorium, Brian and I knew most of the people like Louie Nye and Red Buttons. Sean hardly knew anyone.
Conan did a pretty good job, his opening was the best-dropping onto the scenes/sets of popular shows.
I am about halfway through my little penguin project-I have to share lap time with the cat all the time or he won't relax and get in his bed-oy!


  • At 9:09 AM, Blogger Zoey said…

    Boy, I don't know any of those people, except for Julia Louis Dreyfuss. I did not even know she had a new show.

    Did you get to the park to go walking with your hubby?

  • At 1:04 PM, Blogger Dianne said…

    No walking as the weather was really 'iffy' yesterday. It's pretty much out in the open where we go.
    I forgot to mention the Charlie Angels women doing a tribute to Aaron Spelling. They all looked good for 60 somethings (I think they are at least that old).

  • At 8:38 PM, Blogger PEA said…

    I haven't watched tv most of the summer and I can't believe I missed the Emmy awards!! I usually watch it every year! Glad to hear that Julia's new show won, I watched a few episodes when it first came on and it was hilarious! Since your son is into "24", I'll email you a picture of Keifer Sutherland's star that I took a picture of when I was in Toronto...I walked on the Canada's Walk of Fame and Keifer's was one of the newest stars:-)

  • At 9:04 PM, Blogger Dianne said…

    That would be awesome to see Kiefer's star. Thanks Pea!

    BTW, I believe it was Bravo who was showing a rebroadcast of the Emmys today.


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