Thursday, July 20, 2006

Happens in 3s

Yes, I believe things do happen in 3s.
First it was the car and the brakes acting funny. It's still at the shop too. Idiots decided to look at the front brakes and lo and behold, they found something. And they have to order the parts. No van until tomorrow.
Then Brian tells me the pump isn't working right for the septic tank. Oh great! Did you call someone? No. Who should I call? I don't know. Flip open the phonebook-hey he's been 'serving the county for 20 yrs'-ok call. What no power? And lots of emergency calls because of other pumps not working? Tomorrow? Drainfield may be failing? Oh s#$% and I mean it.
Uncle Don needed 2 pints of blood. Mom left his house today. We don't know what this is all leading to, but it doesn't look good. My only uncle-so good to mom and his mom. So talented as a music teacher and elementary school orchestra leader. He can play almost any instrument. All he wanted was a good day.
~Update-6:45 pm-My uncle had a heart catheterization and he did have several blockages. They are also flushing out his bladder. He called his house thinking my mom was still there and then he called her. He sounds good, but groggy.


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