Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A bit of a scare

Just got in from the hospital. Sean and I first dropped off my van to get the brakes checked out and then headed the 10 minutes down the road to my uncle's house. As we rounded the corner we saw the paramedic and ambulance in his driveway. My mom had to call '911' as when she was bringing his lunch to him he was slumped in his chair and his mouth was moving funny. His stepdaughter and neighbor were there already. So mom went in car with his SD and Sean and I followed. When we got there I went back and he was wide awake and he asked me how my car was! In fact he was alert in his driveway. His pulse was about 97. He had taken some kind of high blood pressure med and his blood pressure is low (ordered by his doctor). Within 45 minutes he had that reaction. I'm glad he was lucid and that eased my mind a bit. He can't walk too well and is having urinary problems.
My van is still at the shop. The guy pulled the papers on Brian's car and it didn't get checked out until I called them to see what was up. So that was 2 wasted hours. They looked at the rear brakes and not the front ones. Sometimes I wonder....
I'll keep you posted.
Update-I was trying to call my mom all evening. Finally, a little after 10, she answered at my uncle's house. She had just gotten in from the hospital. She was so flustered, she had my uncle's other stepdaughter tell me what was going on. He has heart damage from all the bleeding. H also had a little episode like he did earlier and they are thinking he is having mini-strokes. They are talking heart surgery, but they can't do anything until his bladder calms down. I thought he was doing better and my hopes are now dashed. He is 83 and very thin and weak. Mom is still staying at his house. That must feel strange. She says it's hard to see his pipe and his empty chair. He was eating better too. This totally sucks.


  • At 8:38 PM, Blogger Barbara said…

    Dianne, sending best wishes for your uncle!!!

  • At 11:35 AM, Blogger Susimac said…

    Oh Dianne, I'm thinking of you over here, sending good thoughts your way for the afmily and especially your uncle.

  • At 1:10 PM, Blogger lena-lou said…

    I'm sad to read of the health concerns your Uncle is having...I do hope things will pick up...thinking about you !


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