Saturday, May 27, 2006

Time for DIY

Brian is patching all these lovely 'mouse holes' that the electricians left behind the oven. He gingerly had to pull out the appliance as the countertop is jammed against it so tightly. Hmmm...maybe I should wax up the sides before he comes home with the patch kit? ; )
This is my contribution to DIY-so far. I am trying to spackle over that horrible residue of the 46 yr old adhesive that had been holding up an ugly backsplash. You can see it showing above the countertop there. This is the first layer. I will have to sand it a bit and probably add another light layer of spackling. The adhesive for the tile (a sheet show on the countertop) will be white and cover that unappetizing old stuff. The spackled wall be be painted blue to match the upper half. I can't wait to get these projects out of the way so I can accessorize the kitchen's new look.


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