Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Saying goodbye to old stinky stuff

Mister Dumpster guy pulled into the driveway at 7am this morning. I heard the telltale backup noises trucks make-beep, beep. There went my old cabinets forever. I feel like the new kitchen, though still unfinished, goes so much better with the house because it's what I like and what I picked out-glad I got to finally achieve this makeover.
A few hours later Mister Plumber guy showed up and said he was taking out the grease trap/bucket and why was it inside the house anyway? We have a nice, new long plastic pipe and he had to take away the stinky bucket. Don't you love when the parts are like $30 and the rest of the $230 is just stepping in your door and labor? I wouldn't have wanted to do what he had to do and it's still has that mucky smell down there-ugh.
Got to go food shopping too-checked out next to a lady from church who has one of the cutest husbands (next to mine of course) in the parish. She acted like she hadn't seen me before. Who cares, I can admire her husband from a far.
The guys cut the grass, I potted up geraniums and a fuchsia. Also planted the wildflowers from the sale on Sunday. The one plant is coral bells. No way am I digging into that dusty earth to plant the rest of the annuals until it rains.
We had stew (the Banquet stuff) in the new crockpot and it worked like a charm. It wasn't fun carrying the interior ceramic piece downstairs to wash it. Did I say how great it was to have a place for everything in the kitchen? No more piling up stuff on the counters or beverages on the floor. Heck I have about 25 assorted bottles of stuff in the frig now. Can't wait to start baking out there.
BTW, got stash enhancement in the mail too. The ladybug gardeners and the plants on chairs which I saw over a buck cheaper at AC Moore. It's so much fun to get goodies in the mail though.


  • At 4:48 AM, Blogger Barbara said…

    Sounds like everything for the new kitchen is really coming together. Hooray!

  • At 9:31 AM, Blogger Mia said…

    It is such a great feeling to have something that is your own style. We went through it last year when we redid the powder room and now it is happening again with the family room. I love my colors, styles, etc. in my new house. So I know just how you feel about now. :)


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