Friday, May 12, 2006

A rare treat

That is the name of this iris. I think it's totally awesome.

We were blessed with some rain last night. The weird thing is we lost power twice the night before-right in the middle of 'Invasion' the only show Bri and I watch together. A few hours later the cable modem pooped out. It was working by the next morning.

I got my herb/veggie/flower garden planted tonight. A total joy to plant as the dirt was moist. I have 3 eggplants, one purple pepper, a lilac aster, a pink carnation, red salvia and assorted herbs.

My gladiolus popping up-I think I see about 8 grass-like sprouts now. They will be intermingled with marigold, cosmos and zinnia seedings that are coming up from the 'crop circle' of last year. I plan to do another crop circle. I need Bri to rototill the garden where the 'purple' (not blue) alliums are. I will sprinkle some zinnias behind the iris in the older circle. I am thinking about making that a box hedge garden there. I know it takes a while to get it to take shape, but they are so visually interesting.

Nancy wondered if I got my green thumb from my mom (thanks for your sweet comments, coz). Mom isn't a big gardener, but she loves certain flowers like lilies and her hanging baskets. She tries to dig up gardens, but they usually fail as she needs to enrich the soil and use a mulch. I want to do a shade garden for her under her lamp post where I see mostly hosta. I want to give her some delicate heart-shaped barrenwort and maybe some white flowering plants to brighten that space up. I'll probably see mom tomorrow. Bet we go to her Boscovs (I am loving what I got there). My gr grandmom Caroline had the green thumb and her daughter Ruth was a fair gardener (from what photos I have seen of her).


  • At 11:36 AM, Blogger Barbara said…

    I sure enjoy your green thumb from over here, Dianne! Love these pictures, and I really enjoy hearing about your gardens.

  • At 8:50 PM, Blogger Carol said…

    Happy Mother's Day Dianne :-)


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