Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Here comes the rain...

I think our sinuses are going to explode from all the tree pollen! Our vehicles are dusted lime green from it all.
Sean and I had a hankering for Olive Garden today and were going to go for lunch. When 1:30 rolled around, we decided to go for an early dinner. It was a celebration of sorts because Sean did well with his grades-3.3 gpa, pretty good. The restaurant wasn't crowded and we were finished eating by 5:25. We went to Kohls where I got some sterling silver jewelry for $7.99-including 4 pairs (3 on one card) for my niece Tori who just got her ears pierced.
We headed for Boscov's, but only the garden center. Sean went to Best Buy while I looked at their really nice offerings which were priced to sell! I got my mom beautiful flowers in one big pot- pink snapdragons, purple Johnny Jumps Ups, yellow petunias, ivy and maybe one or two other flowers. I got one with mainly yellow and white flowers for myself. Only $15.99 each. I also got some more herbs, red salvia, portulaca, hens and chickens and petunias. The annuals-99¢ a four pack. I better snap up the purse now as spending on flowers is getting expensive. The same store will be selling off their stock by July for dirt cheap.
So I will be happy for the rain as I refuse to dig in the soil right now. It's just too hard. I will be mulching with the pretty red cedar (like Carol uses).
Stitchingwise-I've been working on the Neighborhood RR-slowly but surely. I am changing the design a bit to fit the square. I like how it includes meandering roads. Also am up to the letter 'J' on Walk in the Woods that I started last year. I really want to complete that this year.
The blacksplash tin arrived today. Seems we have to put up plywood before we can put up the tin. We don't need that much plywood. And the new switch covers arrived, but we need longer screws for them. I can't seem to talk to the carpenter guy from Home Depot to get him here for the sink base fix-up. He always calls when I'm not home. The floor guys are suppose to add a few pieces of moulding and the window guys will hopefully be able to install the new windows on Friday-crossing fingers.


  • At 1:41 AM, Blogger ~Harsha~ said…

    Thanks for dropping by Diane :) *hugs* Nice to meet you.


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