Friday, April 07, 2006

Windows ordered!

I just had a little snooze on the sofa-I am just plain worn out from cleaning up inside and out.
I had another very nice salesperson here today from the Home Depot. Another 1.5 hour sales pitch. Their warranty is really good-if you get a hole in the glass, they fix it free, that kind of thing. The other window people didn't even show me a warranty.
We are getting the garden window for the kitchen with glass that will help the plants to grow with tempered glass. I am getting a bay window in my living room. This is something extra, but it's something I always wanted, so I am going for it. Everything will make the house more valuable. I can't wait for these!
I mentioned to the man that Trading Spaces, the cable show uses Home Depot. He told me he was on the show one time as a HD consultant when they filmed in nearby Hockessin, DE. He also mentioned he was involved with local Philly rock groups, one of which was 'The Hooters'. After he left, I looked up Hooters info and didn't see his name mentioned (unless he changed his name which could be as he didn't want to be associated with an 80s rock band anymore). I looked at some photos of old band members and was not sure if this one guy was him or not. But that was cool! ; )


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