Monday, April 03, 2006

The Word for today is BS

How not to be a good crude and use the BS word several times and why not throw in a few GDs while you're at it?
I had another window rep here from a company that does some heavy tv advertising. I'm thinking their prices have to be good to do so much business.
First the guy gets lost and has to call me twice. He's an older gentleman who should know better than to cuss. So he gives me a quote for the garden window and it's $500 more than Window Wizards. I told him I hoped they would be cheaper and I told him who the other quote was from and he said, 'they are bs'.
The man who was here on Friday was the complete opposite. Why do people think they can get away with acting like that? He should be trying to impress me rather than disgust me.
I have another guy from the same above company coming to give me a quote on the kitchen floor (it's scheduled and they are known better for their flooring and it's a different dept). I called Home Depot to find out about their quote and it seems pretty good (20% off), so we'll see.
Last night HGtv had a special about homes where famous movies were filmed. 'Groundhog Day' was not filmed in Penna. at all, it was filmed in Woodstock, IL. And 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' house was in California. 'Meet the Parents' was in New York and 'The Wedding Planners' was an estate in Maryland.


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