Tuesday, April 04, 2006

And now for someone completely different...

The flooring man came last night from the same company that the cussing guy represented. I made a point to tell the flooring guy just how rude the window guy was. He was not happy to hear it and could not believe what I told him.
The man last night was very friendly and professional. The cost of their flooring is more than the Home Depot, but it has a 25 yr warranty and they will replace a damaged piece. He said the flooring is always in stock. I had trouble with the HD as the floor I wanted wasn't in stock. I guess we will pay extra for the warranty and this man deserves it more than the kid from the HD.
Brian was home (it was 7pm) and he asks a ton of questions. I don't know why 'Harry' told us he had a brain tumor 14 yrs ago and had an 18 hour operation where they removed his face to operate. Glad it was after dinner. He was about 60 and we saw no scars. He said he has to take steroids for life as the tumor was wrapped around his pituitary gland. He asked me my occupation and I said 'domestic goddess' and said he had never heard that expression before (say what?). After almost an hour and a half we put in an order and he peeked his head in the family room to wish Sean good luck at Penn State (his two kids went there also). So the floor is set to be put in on the 28th, but we can change it too.
The cat the was acting up this morning for reasons unknown (I think he was cold maybe).
Every hour he was pushing my bedroom door open and crying and then leaving. Finally around 8:30 he got on the bed and settled down. By that time I had to get up because my back was killing me from sitting at the dining room table so long last night. My sinuses have been bad from
working outside without a dust mask on. If I had waited a few days, the dust would have been a bit settled because of the rainstorms that went through here last night. They also brought back some chillier weather.
Now to get the backsplash ordered (I am still having Home Depot come about windows on Friday and then I'll make a decision).


  • At 2:30 PM, Blogger Barbara said…

    They took his FACE off? eeeuuuwww

    But about the swearing salesperson - I feel like my parents (or grandparents) sometimes, complaining about how service has gone down the toilet, but it's true!


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