Sunday, April 16, 2006

On of those weird days

I have most of the living room rearranged for the kitchen cabinet delivery and yes, I did it by myself. Brian will be taking down the dining room table tomorrow night. I asked Bri to get me a few more booze boxes before he went over to see his dad Saturday and he couldn't get the small ones, just these big egg boxes from the grocery store-I don't need biggie ones. I tossed most of them on the back patio.
I had to get out of the house Saturday-just to the yard and I was raking leaves from way under the heavenly scented viburnum bush and 'ouch' I yet again did a number on my tummy muscles. I know it's probably mostly from bailing water from the pond. So I had to ice myself and use the heating pad but it's still hurting. I did use the shovel to dig up some bleeding hearts that have been hiding under an azalea. I've been wanting to move it for years. I actually separated it into about 6 plants. Sean dug 4 of the new holes for them in my woodland garden. I can proudly say that most of the plants in that bed came from around the yard.
I got a few rose bushes for $2.50 each and decided to plant them. I like roses, but most of them don't like me. They actually look good this year as we had a mild winter. Come to think of it, all 4 waterlilies made it too. I was giving all the plants a dose of MiracleGro for good measure.
Friday I cooked a turkey breast (that was a freebie) and some potatoes (for potato salad) so Bri could take his dad some. I really don't want to go over to his house because he is so touchy after that episode in December. He called here and left a message thanking me for the food and telling me I was welcome to come over anytime. So when was I not welcome?
Bri was upset because his dad told him his car was running funny. Brian went to investigate, and it was out of power steering fluid. A lightbulb in a ceiling fan blew out and when Bri was there his dad touched a wire to metal and tripped the circuit breaker! He could have gotten a good shock...or worse.
We were going to church tonight and got there and there was no 5:00 mass, so we have to go tomorrow morning. We decided to eat at an Italian restaurant where we use to go all the time and they were closed down! We headed for Ruby Tuesdays and then Kmart. I got some pansies for my mom, seeds and a few bulbs.
Mom called when we got home and said her boarder Jim threw away all her Easter goodies for the grandkids! All the bags were gone. She is very upset. We are going down in that area to give Tori her belated birthday gifts and give the kids Easter stuff from us. Mom doesn't want us to come over. She called here twice about the mishap, so is she trying to bum me out for Easter?
Crossing fingers for a good week-the BIG week coming up. I can't believe it's finally here.


  • At 7:04 PM, Blogger AnneS said…

    Crikey, sounds like it's been a full-on week ... hang in there! :D The garden sounds beautiful ... you're much better than me - I just look at plants and they shrivel up in disgust ;P


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