Friday, March 31, 2006

Waiting on the window guy

I have someone coming from Window Wizards to give me an estimate on a garden style window for the kitchen today. I took down the curtains and it's a nice big window. I hope it will be cheaper than what the Home Depot quoted us. I may have him give me an estimate on the front window too. There are 3 casements right now which I never open. We should try to snaz up the place as much as we can.
The kid from Home Depot called yesterday and said the floor I wanted was out of stock. They would have to have a special just when I wanted a new floor! I had to go on the internet with him on the phone and look at different ones. He finally found one that matched the one I like-a Pergo. I get 10% off for installation. I am waiting to hear what the price will be for that. Maybe we'll wait and I can call another place. That's what I should do.
Did I tell you that it was the multivitamins that made my stomach spaz (move) by itself? I stopped taking them and it stopped. My guts are still not right, I think it's all the stuff that's happening around here. I've always been a hyper person (more internal). I just need to calm down or find something to calm my tummy. I have a question in at the herbal medicine group I read. I also found that my tummy is so touchy, I can't even chew gum that has sorbitol in it. What I need is to take a slow, relaxing boat to China.


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