Monday, March 06, 2006

Reese-Oscar winner

Congrats to Reese-not only for her Oscar but also for commanding $29 million a flick. She's the highest paid actress of all times. I think she's a talent, but not up there with Meryl Streep. I like that Reese is down to earth and her acceptance speech (and voice) were really sweet. Husband Ryan is from nearby Wilmington, DE ( as is Jada Pinkett Smith-some good lookers from these parts!)

I haven't seen 'Walk the Line', but heard it was decent. I really like Joaquin Phoenix. Too bad he didn't win for his portrayal of Johnny Cash. The actor who won played Truman Capote-an odd little man.

The Oscars were just alright. A little of a snoozefest. Jon Stewart seemed to be out of his element. The best host I think was Steve Martin.

And don't try to make the Oscars like a screwball comedy. Tom Hanks was looking a lot like he did in his cross-dressing days on tv-rather silly.

But there was a good distribution of winners for all the movies that were nominated.

So I was like- 'say what?' when 'It's hard for a pimp out there' won for best movie song. I thought the song for 'Crash' was really a cool song. And weren't they all surprised to win for best picture! I actually saw this movie, so I was glad for them.

~Update~-Sean rented 'Walk the Line' and we watched it today. It's pretty good. I think Joaquin was great and Reese was pretty good. I don't know what took them so long for Johnny and June to 'hook up' as a couple. I think June realized Johnny needed some TLC. His first wife wasn't a performer and everything was about her. She didn't understand his life. So I think it's worth seeing. Loved seeing the cabinets in the scenes from the 60s that were similar to the ones I am losing soon.


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    Hi Dianne!

    Thanks for the message on my blog! I do quite a number of floral things, so come back now and then.=)

    LOVE your cat! I wish we could have one, (no animals allowed in our building=(...), they are SUCH characters, aren't they?


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