Friday, March 03, 2006

Don't you love a good dinner and a great sale?

Sean and I decided we wanted to celebrate the beginning of his spring break. At first we were going out to lunch, but we decided on an early dinner. We went to The Olive Garden. No meat Friday for us though. He got a shrimp linguini dish and I got mushroom ravioli. (Brian got cheese ravioli take-out later). I was surprised I could eat so much as I had to take Maalox today. I guess the last of the medicine ia making me feel weird.
Then we went across to a Kohls. They have a 70% off sale going on. I got a few Liz Claiborne things and a few pieces of jewelry. Sean got some boots for $7.50 (with leather uppers!). All in all, I couldn't believe what I got for the little bit of money we spent. I guess you can say I've taught Sean the fine art of bargain shopping. He has a nice wardrobe-most of which (like 96%) of it was on sale.
I'm glad to be done my part of the round robin and look forward to receiving Rachael's from Germany. I like detail and hope to find 'the perfect' or near perfect design for the rest of the 7.
Cleaned out another kitchen cabinet before we went out. What I found-paper plates from Sean's christening (exactly 19 years old)-I kept one and a few plates from his various birthday parties. They don't look that old and I remember each birthday. Because I'm a sentimental fool, I'll save them. I'll have to do a collage of the things I am finding in the kitchen-his little cups, etc.
Best wishes to my neighbors' grandson Matthew and his fiance Sarah who are getting married way up in New Jersey tomorrow. I am a friend of his mom's, but we decided that the weather may be too iffy for this time of the year for us to drive 2.5-3 hours to attend. I remember meeting Matt as a five year old when we moved in. I was very pregnant and he knew I was having a baby as his sister Kelly was only a few months old at the time. And he could talk your ear off! I can't believe the little boy who came to some of Sean's birthday parties was a soldier in Iraq and will soon be a married man.


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