Thursday, March 09, 2006

Project Runway finale and new Top Chef show

I was a little surprised to see Chloe won. I guess I had narrowed in on Daniel. After the judges decided, I definitely saw what they meant when they chose her. Chloe had some 'shiny' material in collection, in fuschia and aquamarine, not my favorite-not sure if it was silk or taffeta. I'll say silk because they were given 8 grand. She said she wanted to do an evening wear collection. I guess I liked Daniel's because the clothes looked more like things I would wear. His theme was a bit wacky-was it military or Asia? And Santino, I am so disappointed that he didn't add more of his signature special touches like ripped things.
After Project Runway, a new show came on called Top Chef. The first thing I was wondering if the hostess is Billy Joel's new young wife as her name was Katie Lee Joel. I am right:

That's Billy with daughter Alexa (by Christie Brinkley and wife Katie Lee who is only a few years older than Alexa!

Then there was an extremely rude contestant that spoke back to the chef from a restaurant. The chef asked Ken to taste the sauce (they were on 'the line' and had to hold out for 30 minutes) and the jerk stuck his finger in it instead of using a spoon. He had the nerve later to ask the chef if he really had dumped the sauce he had tasted. The mentor got extremely upset. Ken, needless to say, was the first to leave. His entry wasn't good at all for the first challenge. I bet my friend Karin is watching this one as she is learning to become a chef.


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