Friday, March 31, 2006

Navel Chakras

So the suggestion (so far) to help my tummy at the herbal medicine tribe was to cleanse my navel chakras. Ok, how do I do that and I hope it doesn't involve needles. So I found this website. It looks interesting as it relates to yoga. Anything to feel better. I was doing some deep breathing today too. Sometimes you just have to sit back and say 'whoa nelly'-you gotta take a break! Even though I relax through stitching, sometimes that makes me a bit hyper, like the Independence Hall square. An end is in sight, but it was bugging me because I. H. is not brown-it's made from 'simple red bricks'. I decided to backstitch reddish color floss over the brown instead of ripping it all out. It works! Thank goodness.


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