Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A heating pad can be your friend

I am always getting various aches and pains. I know in part this is from having Lyme Disease as it never fully goes away. I know I'm not a kid anymore. I don't know what I did (well I do know-bending, moving furniture, pulling a too heavy trash out of the can, sitting in the adirondack chair, tensing while getting my teeth cleaned by Carla the carver-you get the picture). After the dentist, I went to the food store. I had lifted heavy drinks and had to pick up a display of cough drop packets I knocked down). So I'm standing there and holy you know what-feels like a drill is hitting my left shoulder blade. I think I was making a few faces as the lady behind me was looking at me oddly. I got all the groceries in the van (it was an ebbing pain) and got home and promptly had Sean unload all the bags. He also had to rub the Icy hot on me. I got a Tylenol and a water and sat down and it felt better. When I had to get dinner set up (I had precooked fried chicken on sale) I had one more episode of stabbing pain when I turned a certain way. I did eat, but Sean suggested the heating pad. I utilized that all evening and I do feel better.
Tv was good-I watched the first hour of American Idol with Sean, then a new show called Sons and Daughters (from the producer of Saturday Night Live and some of it is improvised) and The Amazing Race. I am working diligently on a charity square-Independence Hall. Something didn't look quite right. The bricks are brown in the chart! So I am backstitching the brown with some rust to make it look like the real building which I've been in a few times. It's doing the trick, but it's time consuming.
Tomorrow the contractor guy wants to look at the kitchen again. It looks like crap right now. I didn't feel like doing anything tonight. Brian got me a few more crates, but at 8 pm, I was done for the evening. The guys dropped off the van for me at the station for inspection. No way could I drive again.
Well, I hope I have a good night. Please, oh please. ; )


  • At 9:35 AM, Blogger Barbara said…

    I hope you won't have any more aches & pains. Watch it with all that heavy lifting!


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