Thursday, March 16, 2006

Conan's forte

I meant to write about the Cone-man's trip to Finland days ago! This was his best show in ages. The last good ones were when he was in Canada a few years ago. So Conan, your forte is going out amongst 'your' people and doing things. We need to see your long legs-lol. I am sure this will be in reruns a few times. The whole Finland thing happened when Conan thought he resembled the lady president Targa (close I think)-he does in a way with his pale skin and red hair. He got to meet her too.
Seeing him knocking on doors of apartments to meet fans and no one answering was pretty funny. Seeing him on a dog sled-ha!
I'd love to invite him to 'Mushroomland' here in Penna. I can see him harvesting the mushrooms in his white hair net! We could race him in our Tauruses! (He says he still has a '92 Taurus-we have a '98 and '00). I'd love it.
Carl Reiner in on Leno right now. He is one of my favorite guys in his age group (he's about to turn 84). He's always been funny, even when he had hair back on the Dick Van Dyke Show.


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