Thursday, March 09, 2006

A day of shopping in Amishland

Sean is on his spring break and he wanted to do something different, so we drove up to Lancaster where the outlets are. He was looking for sneaks and I was looking for some birthday gifts for Brian, Kenny and Tori. We didn't leave until after lunch as I just couldn't get my act together before that. Seems I can't take high potency vitamins-not even every other day like I did with the prenatal vitamins all those years ago. Let's just say the train was moving down the track way too quickly. When we finally got on our way, Sean joked saying- 'hope you don't have to stop at Basketville'. That's an inside joke I guess. Seems either my mom or I use this store as a 'pitstop' and have several times, today included. There are just not a lot of places to stop in the middle of this trip unless you can hide behind a barn or something if you have to go. Basketville is a nice store too, and I bought some peppermints (good choice) and a cobalt blue candle holder in a cylinder form for the kitchen. After that, I was pretty good and did find some goodies (including more books) at the various stores. It was dead up there and we practically had every store to ourselves. I purchased some logo t-shirts for my nephew and a hot pink tennis dress with matching hat (that is white with the pink accents) for my niece Tori at The Gap outlet. It's just something I can see her in. I also added to my cross stitch library by buying Beautiful Cross Stitch by Better Homes and Gardens, published in '04. Yes, I have to check the date to be pretty sure I don't have the book already. It's really worth the $11.99-vintage embroidery made into XS; nature charts; Asian, etc.

I definitely want to do the cover design. BTW, when looking for this photo online, I saw the same book for a little over $3.00! That's a steal!

I got my mom a flower arranging book-one of the prettiest I've ever seen so she can remember her trip to the flower show. Speaking of the flower show, if we don't go over the weekend, it doesn't look like we will go. It's $2o or more a ticket to just get in. The trip there means fighting traffic or taking the train. I have beautiful Longwood Gardens 8 minutes away from my house (see early January blog). So I debate this every year. I usually bow out going into the city. Mom has flower show photos on a picture CD that she purchased. I do like going to the Reading Terminal Market to eat.
We went to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner up in Lancaster. The meat was fine but the veggie side dishes were way oversalted. I took a swallow of potatoes and they almost came back up again. I did complain to the waitress, but I think I'll complain on the website. She should have sent the manager over but she didn't. I can't tell you how many times we've eaten out lately and the food has not be worth the money at all.
I ran into a vitamin store before we left to purchase a less potent one-a-day vitamin, Milk Thistle, coconut oil (read it's suppose to be good for helping you lose weight) and papaya for digestive. I'll try anything!
After a dark and fragrant (freshly plowed fields) ride home, I was glad to curl up with my new lap pillow (bought today) and enjoyed looking at my new books.


  • At 10:40 AM, Blogger Rachael said…

    Ooh- sounds like a great day of shopping! I am with you on the pit stop thing. My husband claims I know the best rest rooms in every major city and along every major highway in 8 countries.
    The pink tennis dress and matching hat sound darling. I want one;-)

  • At 11:25 AM, Blogger Barbara said…

    Sounds like a very pleasant outing. When he's in the mood, I love shopping with Max - he's great company and we tolerate each other's tastes very gracefully. And we both need pit stops!

  • At 7:14 PM, Blogger Von said…

    Glad you had such a wonderful day shopping with Sean. My boys aren't very good shoppers, but my youngest dd loves to go with me everywhere. :D


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