Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Contractor coming on Friday

This is all happening so quickly. The contractor called last night when I was down at my mom's house. I have never had a contractor here before-just the Amish roofer. I know what cabinets I want, but I haven't chosen the countertop, the flooring or the lighting. I sure hope this guy can help me with the lighting. I will probably have under the cabinet lighting. We only have four outlets in the entire kitchen! And if I have two appliciances in the same general area, I trip a fuse. Guess he'll suggest an electrician. I sure hope these guys are good. I have seen several designers on tv use The Home Depot and rave about how fast they got in and out. That's my aim.
My sofa is going to the repair shop. It was worse than I thought. It is sagging along almost the entire bottom. The man who was suppose to look at it and fix it can't come until the 14th of Feb. I decided I couldn't sit on a busted sofa for 3 long weeks. I called and complained. They are taking it on Saturday and will hopefully get it back to me in a week-and hopefully good as new. If not, they better give me a new sofa and a different make. What a hassle!


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