Monday, March 28, 2005

Interesting Easter

It was the first time in many months that my two brothers, me and our families were together in one room. The blue eyes in that room were blinding! Out of 11 people, I have hazel eyes, Brian has green eyes and my brother Ken has brown eyes. So you see what the dominant gene is in this family.
Before we went to my brother's house, we went to 'brunch' at a local restaurant that we had never eaten in. As soon as I walked in the door my throat became itchy and was that way the entire 45 minutes we were there. Seems the bar was open on Easter Sunday. That is tacky in my opinion. Along with a bar comes cigarette smoke. That was my problem. Brian and I thought we were going to a buffet.It clearly stated on the newspaper flyer that it was a 'brunch', so they had about 15 things on the menu. We all picked omelettes. When we got the food, I was a bit repelled by the smell of the onions in the overcooked red skin potatoes. There were mostly skins and I didn't want to eat them. The omelettes had a 'gas' taste from the stove. It's very hard to mess up a meal like this, but they did. No butter for the toast either. They won't see us back and I feel like complaining about their lousy food.
We went to my younger brother's house. It had been his son Kenny's birthday on the 23rd and I had gifts for him and Easter things for him and his sister Tori. My older brother and his family stopped by too. My older brother has let his hair go almost completely white and I was a bit shocked when I saw him. Sean enjoyed hanging out with his cousins. I was always so happy that at least he saw them once in a while.
We dropped by my mom's and Dave and his family came over there too. I threw Dave some 'bait' and he started teasing me like he has done all our lives. Like, saying 'you can eat a hoagie in the rain', etc. What really peeved me was him putting down Universal Studios saying it was a 'glorified Great Adventure' when he's never been there. I think he is just jealous we are going to Florida. That's a brother for you.


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