Saturday, March 26, 2005

'Finger Food' and Skunks

The last few days have provided enough 'gross out' for everyone concerning the digit found in the chili. We were discussing how it got in the chili in the first place. I think it was planted there by a disgruntled employee who may have been in a gang. Someone else said maybe the woman who had it in her food is a weirdo and planted it to sue Wendy's. I know how they make the chili-the burger comes from 'leftover' patties that were probably cooked too long. Someone who was an employee at the chain years ago 'enlightened' us about how it is made.
Tonight I was sorting through my cross stitch stuff (sitting on the floor) looking for another project and it started to get really stinky in here. Brian happen to be sitting next to me in the lounge chair. I was blaming his feet! But then it dawned on it that it was more of a skunky aroma. So we opened the front door and it was like 100 skunks had lifted their butts to our house! We can't understand why it's smelling so much in here, all the windows are shut. Maybe it sprayed on one of the basement windows, or I hope it didn't stumble in the window well outside one of them! I was actually wearing a painter's mask for a while. Phew!


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