Monday, March 21, 2005

Springtime Bliss

Spring has sprung! It's been chilly here. I was surveying my flowerbeds and they need tidying up badly. I see lots of daffodils under the evergreen in my front yard.
I will probably get out there in the next week or so. Sean is home for spring break and we want to take a drive up to Lancaster. My mom may come too. They have some nice outlet stores there. We don't go to the actual city of Lancaster. There's a hugh mall nearby which I've been to one or two times. With the two malls in Delaware we go to (tax free shopping) we stick closer to home. I haven't seen any robins yet, but we've seen 11 deer the other evening in my neighbor's yard. Ahh, you may think, but I think Lyme Disease too and I've had it already.

So the city of Philly is being a royal pain in the tuckus. Last month they sent Brian a 6 yr old ticket for a vehicle that we once owned that was left at a meter. He sent the PPA a copy of the transaction that showed we traded in the LTD the month before the violaton occurred. He didn't send it by registered mail and it went in the bin with 100s of other incoming envelopes. They opened it, saw it didn't have a check and tossed it in the non-payers bin. We got another notice on Saturday to pay $53 or legal action will be taken. Tonight Brian called a state rep and his assistant said to come down with the papers. He made copies and said he'll see what they can do and who they can contact. I loved the assistant's name-Sterling. : ) Crossing fingers.
Sean rented 'The Incredibles' and 'Grudge' and another movie. We watched the first two. The animation was cool in 'The Incredibles'. I can't say it was a really fun movie. I liked 'Toy Story' and even 'The Brave Little Toaster' much more. 'Grudge' was just stupid. Nothing flowed well and the two dead people (and dead cat) with the black around their eyes was just weird. Sarah Michelle Gellar said how much 'she loved the movie' as it wasn't predictable. Sean was stopping the film asking me questions like I knew what was going on. If I want to see Tokyo, I'll rent Bill Murray's movie again.
My little pal Kassandra (see below) was on the 'Ellen' show today. Here she's only a few days older than my nephew Kenny. She didn't seem up to par today and Ellen even wrapped her jacket around Kass as she was cold. Ellen presented Kass with a kitten as that's what she really wanted for her birthday. The kitty was really scared but Kass said 'I can calm her down'. Ellen was afraid the cat was going to claw Kass, but she seemed blissful holding the kitty.


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