Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Blind Justice

Blind Justice is a new show on ABC with 'ER' alumni Ron Eldard who use to or is still dating or living with Julianna Margulies. So this is an interesting concept and Ron handles it really well as being a blind detective in NYC. Now Ron's best features are his baby blues and he has to squint and look dazed as he is sightless. He still looks cute. He has a funky new spikey highlighted do and I love his gray suits with the dark blue shirts. I kinda stopped watching 'CSI' and all the annex shows because I wasn't getting anything out of seeing corpses except for being grossed out. They've had a few stiffs on these first two shows (he is a homicide detective) but not too graphic. Not sure if I like the way that they have to have the supporting players be in shock that he is a blind guy. It probably would happen in real life. Last week 'Jim' was being taunted by a guy behind bars because of his blindness. The guy wanted to know if he peed on his shoes all the time. Nice. I can't forget 'Hank' the seeing eye dog who's a big German Shepherd. Cool doggie dude.
The twist in the plot last night had Jim's wife Christy (I think) leaving him after an incidence at a dinner party where her boss was sweet on Christy. (I'd love to go to Spain with you Christy, says the boss). Well Jim knocked his wine on Christy's lap and the boss tried to dab it for her and Jim said to 'get your hand out of my wife's crotch' or something like that.
The closing scene had Jim sitting in the middle of the night-he doesn't really know or care (still dressed immaculately) with the rain pouring down on his face with his faithful Hank beside him. Who comes and joins him on the bench, the scorned wife! Now I like character development and the unexpected. Christy had been through so much with him already (he was blinded in a shooting) and had stuck with him so far. He had the courage to fight for his job.
This looks like a show worth tuning in to. And by the way, Happy 40th Birthday Ron (this year). Ron facts:It's rare that you find an actor as independent and stubborn as Eldard. But, then, he grew up tough. One of seven kids, his mother died when he was 3. The siblings were scattered among relatives.
He lived both in Utah and on the mean streets of New York City. He worked from the time he was 12.
Can't wait for 'Eyes' with Timmy D. : )


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