Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Playing with the Rebel

Our new camera was on the front door step this morning! We hope it wasn't there all night, but I think it arrived first thing. It's like an old-fashioned camera, but it's digital. I was putting the battery and CF card in place (we have to use a CF card we have already-silly me thought the company forgot to send it). I did take some photos, but we don't have the software on the computer yet. I have to figure out why it works 'some of the time' on the auto and all of the time on 'P', meaning, it shows the image on the LED screen on the back.
I'm really bushed from baking yesterday. I may get out in the kitchen sooner or later. I know what I'm making for dinner though. It was from Martha Stewart's Food magazine-cauliflower and pasta. I just happen to buy a big head of it the other day.
I may tidy up the boxes of Christmas things I pulled out over a week ago. I didn't get all the ornaments I like on the tree-like Mister Winking gold moon, but I think I better wrap gifts soon!
Watch for some photos soon!


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