Monday, December 18, 2006

Camera phone capture

There's actually a lot more going on here, but I had my little camera phone and that's it. Sean also took a photo with his phone and if it's better, I'll switch. This was a few days before I got sick and I just got around to sending it to myself tonight. It's not my house, but a house in the next town. I made chocolate chips and 7 layer cookies this afternoon. I am not use to an efficient oven and I had to watch the cookies better than I had in the past (I had a system where I would turn the cookie sheet around so they would evenly brown-no worry now). My first batch ran a bit, so the next batch had more flour in it. Did I say it was close to 70 degrees outside today-it's the 18th of Dec!! So my kitchen was very, very warm. It's great having a dual oven. Tomorrow or the next day I have about 3 more kinds lined up to do.
My cooking duties for Christmas eve aren't too bad-Caesar Salad and Apple cake with rum icing (as requested by my brother). Now that one seemed too dense when I made it, so I'll have to watch the batter this time. I may add a little shrimp to the salad and I'm looking for a nice dressing recipe.


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