Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmastime visitors

My mom and Jim came over last night after visiting my Uncle Don. Did I forget to tell you he is home now? He has a lady come in 3 times a week to clean, etc. but he is doing better. I think every 3 weeks the agency has to review his 'case' to see if he still needs help.
So, mom wanted to make sure she got here this year to see my house and tree as she wasn't driving much last year. She told me seeing my tree put her in the Christmas spirit. I told her that's what I was aiming for. I cleaned most of the weekend, so I am pretty tired today. I do plan to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies in a few hours and see where that leads me. I have a feeling my 'baking' mode will kick in and I'll go to town in my new kitchen. I had Mom and Jim stay for a pork tenderloin cooked with roasted potatoes, (which I really felt like eating-my sickness last week has put me in a food jag) carrots and also green beans. They enjoyed their dinner. The guys were watching the Eagles football game, so we ate in shifts.
After Mom left, she stopped at Big Lots and was in there an hour. Here I thought she was almost home and she was shopping! She mentioned Sean's name and the manager there overheard her and said he was waiting for Sean to call him! So I guess he was well liked. Sean may work a few weeks in January at the store if they need him. Speaking of Sean, he has a final today-math and then the dreaded Biology one tomorrow.
Wish me luck in my cookie making attempts!
To Carole-I'll be thinking of you on your journey. I tried to say something on your blog, but I got knocked off. Thanks for sharing about Jesse. I have a friend who had a similar pregnancy. I had a miscarriage the summer before Sean was born, but I was only about 6 weeks along.


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