Thursday, September 28, 2006

Humpback whale beached

Today on the news they showed this magnificient creature laying still on the beach in Wildwood Crest, a popular vacation spot in NJ. There may be a connection between the men whose boat was hit and they all had to be rescued at sea by the coast guard (see my post a few days ago). I wonder why it got so close to the boat or maybe the men were too far out? What a sad thing.
Click here<---to see the whale.
We had some wild weather today, lots of rain and some lightning. I was wondering how the cross stitchers at CATS in Hershey were getting by in the bad weather? I wish I could have attended, but since I've been to shows in the past, I know that I spend money I shouldn't spend. Like tonight on eBay! Actually I got sniped when the auction was about to close-5 minutes. I wanted The Prairie Schooler Christmas tree charts I and II and refused to spend over $21.00 on pieces of cardstock. I do have a bid on the II with another bidder and I like these patterns better than the first anyway. The poor woman in Alaska who sniped me now has to blow $36 on the charts. I was winning them for a few days too. I am bidding on other PS charts that I don't have and are more reasonablyt priced. I also bid on some figurines-like I need them too.
I have been working all week on a round robin. Boy it's a tiny count and it's hard on my eyes because it's linen too(the threads aren't all uniform). I think it will be sweet when I am finished. I chose a Prairie Schooler house with a formal garden in the front. I changed the color of the house from brown to gold. My own RR is in New Hampshire or maybe Hershey. ; )

I've been watching some of the new shows. I like the new one Six Degrees that was on tonight-I like Campbell Scott a lot. I am fascinated with the whole 6 degree phenomena. You know the Kevin Bacon 6 degrees of separation game-well I am in the game with him as he's from the Philly area!


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