Sunday, June 25, 2006

Crop Circle 2006

Here's a totally new circle garden, hence it's name above. Last year's 'crop circle' is mostly a iris and gladiolus garden this year. I think these are fun gardens and the deer and other varmints mostly leave the Cosmos and Zinnias alone. It's about a 7 foot circle. The iris garden is a few feet away. I am thinking about linking the two gardens together with box hedges. I know it takes a while to get them established. Walmart has them for $4 each which is really a bargain. I priced them at about twice as much at a garden center. I bought two already (not planted), but hope to get at least 8 more to start off with.

We've had some decent rain. I like summer rain. When I was a little girl, I enjoyed walking around in the rain down in the neighborhood behind my house-along a hill. I got yelled at by the neighbor lady and stopped doing the hike, but I would lay in bed and feel safe when it was raining or storming during the night. Funny thing is my house now is on flat ground with a hill behind it! And no, I don't walk along the hill as it's such a tumble of weeds and fallen branches it could be really beautiful because there is also a stream down there too. Maybe some day.

So most of my flowers and plants look so more alive after a good rain. The petunias, not so much. Their papery flowers are droopy. The salvia seems to be a little taller even!

I had to grease the pole that is holding the birdfeeder because my squirrel pal won't leave it alone. I take my can of canola oil out there and give the pole a few sprays.

Sean is working today. The store closed a half hour ago, so they must get a Sunday night delivery and they have to unload the truck. It's pouring again.

Today I spackled around the bay window. I am ready to get the wall painted and the wood stained so I can hang up curtains.

Brian took his dad's birthday gifts over to him today, including the two planters I put together. I still don't feel comfortable going to his house. He thanked me through Sean for the planters.


  • At 11:45 AM, Blogger PEA said…

    What a neat idea to plant in a circle like that! What you have in mind to do sounds really nice and you must take another picture once you're done:-)

  • At 1:16 PM, Blogger Susimac said…

    Love the 'crop' circle, can't wait to see a pic of it in flower.


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